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Currently there are 41 active churches in the IN UNISON Program. As a member of the program, churches receive 1 visit annually, each season from our St. Louis Symphony musicians as well as special ticket discounts. Each church serves as a reflection and ambassador to their community, friends, family and church members.


1) The church MUST have a coordinator; someone who can attend meetings, work with Dawn Berkbigler with regards to bringing IN UNSION groups to concerts, and work with the program manager coordinate an annual visit from symphony musicians.

2) The church MUST have pastor approval and support.  Both elements are vital!


1) Discounted tickets
2) Annual visit from a symphony musician
3) Preference with regards to Monsanto Fund scholarships to include the IU Program Scholarship and assistance with approved summer music camps..

Ticket Discounts

IN UNISON Churches

  • Select STL Symphony classical concerts are 50% off the single ticket price
  • Select Live at Powell Hall concerts are 25% off the single ticket price.
  • This is redeemable for up to 4 tickets (excludes Boxes, Gala and Black History Month).


We are currently accepting applications to become an IN UNISON church but are not adding any new churches until the 15|16 Season. To apply for the 15|16 season, click here and complete the application form. 15|16  Application (available January 2015).