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Youth Orchestra Auditions

Youth Orchestra CellistAdvanced young musicians join the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra for a number of reasons — for the challenge of playing standard orchestral repertoire, for the opportunity to rehearse and perform regularly in a great concert hall, or for the chance to play with a large ensemble of musically accomplished peers. Many Youth Orchestra musicians go on to pursue careers in music with the confidence and knowledge gained through their Youth Orchestra experience. Seven current members of the STL Symphony are alums of the STL Symphony Youth Orchestra. Auditions for the STL Symphony Youth Orchestra are open to musicians ages 12-22. Candidates must participate in their school music program, if one exists.

2017/2018 Season Auditions

We are no longer accepting audition applications for the 2017/2018 season. If you would like to be notified about future auditions, please complete the audition interest form linked below. For any further questions about auditions for the SLSYO, please contact Michael Gandlmayr, Youth Orchestra Manager, at 314-286-4119 or by email.

Audition Requirements & Procedures
Audition Interest Form

2017/2018 Season Audition Information


Preliminary Auditions


Location: Clayton High School
Dates: April 26th & 27th

This includes all strings, winds, brass & percussion not currently in the Youth Orchestra. 

 Final Auditions

Location: Powell Hall
Tuesday, June 6, 5pm-9pm - Cello & Double Bass
Wednesday, June 7, 5pm-9pm - Viola
Thursday, June 8, 9am-5pm - Violin
Monday, June 12, 5pm-9pm - Flute & Oboe
Tuesday, June 13, 4:30pm-9pm - Low Brass & Percussion
Wednesday, June 14, 5pm-9pm - Clarinet & Bassoon
Thursday, June 15, 5pm-9pm - Horn & Trumpet


Please direct all questions regarding Youth Orchestra auditions to Michael Gandlmayr, Youth Orchestra Manager.