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Friends of the Symphony

Join together with thousands of community members who help sustain the artistic quality of St. Louis Symphony performances and programs with annual contributions. Every gift, of every size, makes a difference.

Levels of Support and Benefits

In gratitude for your generous support, we are pleased to offer exclusive opportunities to enhance your STL Symphony experience.

Etude (under $75)

  • One open rehearsal pass (admitting two)

 Sonata ($75 to $249) all of the above plus

 Concerto ($250 to $599) all of the above plus

  • Third open rehearsal pass

 Overture ($600 to $1,499) all of the above plus

  • Fourth open rehearsal pass
  • Buy-one-get-one free ticket voucher*

* Based on availability

Contact Us

Marianne Franz
Associate Director, Annual Giving
Phone: 314-286-4152