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Press Release 7/11/12 - End of Season Numbers



2011-2012 shows rise in overall ticket sales, per-concert attendance driven by Live at Powell Hall 


ST. LOUIS— Despite an uncertain economic climate, ticket revenue growth continues at the St. Louis Symphony.  Highlights of the end-of-season numbers include:


  • Ticket sales for all concerts are up:  $6.74 million in FY 2012 versus $6.56 million in FY 2011, an increase of 2.7%; per-concert average attendance at 1,734 is up 1.5%.  Total attendance of 192,445 within 1% of prior year with three fewer concerts in FY 2012. 


  • Live at Powell Hall programming continues to make strides and be the key growth driver:

      $1.79 million in FY 2012 versus $1.67 million in FY 2011*, up 7.5% over prior year.

      40,521 seats sold in FY 2012 up from 38,304 seats sold in FY 2011, up 5.8% with 52% of all Live at Powell Hall tickets sold to new households.

      Live at Powell Hall concerts averaged 1,930 sold tickets per performance in FY 2012, compared to 1,741 in FY 2011, an increase of 11%.


(*FY 2011 Live at Powell Hall statistics include three Casual Classics to ensure like comparison to FY 2012 when Casual Classics concerts were absorbed into Live at Powell Hall series.)


  • Ticket sales/attendance for classical concerts was down 2% for the year. 


Overall, the Symphony’s ticket sales and attendance numbers have continued to strengthen since the launch of the Building Our Business audience development initiative in late 2008:


  • Ticket sales for all concerts up 39%:  $6.74 million versus $4.84 million.
  • Total paid attendance for all concerts up 16%:  192,445 in FY 2012 versus 165,865 in FY 2008.
  • Average per-concert attendance for all concerts up 14%:  1,734 in FY 2012 versus 1,522 in FY 2008, an increase of more than 200 seats per-concert. 
  • More than 123,000 tickets for Live at Powell Hall have been sold since its inception in 2009.
  • More than 31,000 new households have purchased tickets for our concerts at Powell Hall, including more than 18,000 for Live at Powell Hall concerts.


“Broad and comprehensive audience development is a key part of the overall strategy of the St. Louis Symphony as it demonstrates growing institutional vitality and relevance, and is also an important part of continuing to strengthen the financial underpinning of the institution,” said Fred Bronstein, President/CEO of the St. Louis Symphony.  “We’re delighted with the high impact that Live at Powell Hall concerts have had on this important strategic goal and look forward to additional progress, along with continued, focused development of our classical base.“